Tahi Data Services

Data Services that Protect Your Business

Helping to secure businesses. Assisting with compliance. Providing data analytic solutions and expertise throughout the world for more than 10 years. Our data services help businesses protect themselves.

data services offshore helpdesk support

Tahi's Trusted Data Services

Enhanced Compliance and Secure Data

data services privileged user activity monitoring
data services pua

Privileged User Activity Monitoring (PUAM)

Compliance-related PUAM – a SIEM-type product for analyzing machine logs in real-time for access/privilege breaches.

Reliable Offshore Helpdesk and Support for the Financial Services Industry

data servies log analytic systems
data servies log analytics

Log Analytic Systems

Providing centralized application and machine logging, helping the FSI meet Regulator retention requirements, and enhancing their support team functions.

architecture an design consultancy data services
data services architecture design consultancy

Architecture & Design Consultancy

A reputation built over a decade in the FSI with core system SME knowledge.

Long-Term IT Infrastructure Management & Compliance Excellence

middleware and messaging technology data services
data services middleware messaging technology

Middleware & Messaging Technology

Java Application servers, Kafka messaging middleware, Web hosting technology, next-gen Reactive systems.

Rest Assured with Our EU Helios Compliance

compliance with eu company register helios

Compliance with the EU Company Compliance Register 'Helios'

Maintain confidence and peace of mind in your business’ security: Tahi’s data services are fully registered with the EU Company Compliance Register ‘Helios’.

Key Differentiators of Our Data Services

talent pool
Exceptional Talent Pool

Skilled tech professionals, educated graduates, adaptable team.

cultural alignment
Cultural Alignment

Seamless cultural compatibility, effective communication, harmonious collaboration.

cost effective data services

High-quality offshore support to optimize budget without compromising efficiency.

data services proven track record
Proven Track Record

Trusted for exceptional offshore services. Proven track record of client satisfaction.

government support stability
Government Support & Stability

Government support drives IT and outsourcing growth. Favourable policies, stability, and reliability for offshore operations.

data services time zone compatible
Time Zone Advantage

Ideal time zone for global businesses. Maximize productivity and customer satisfaction with round-the-clock support.